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In this issue: Being Proactive During Slower Economic Times

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Being Proactive During Slower Economic Times

Every day through media coverage (print, radio, or TV) we hear how bad things are getting. We are informed on a regular basis that gasoline and oil prices are not stable, utilities costs are going up, the stock market is down, and that prices as a whole are increasing. We are told to buckle down and prepare for bad economic times.

According to the media, business as usual is gone forever (or at least paused) and we should save all of our marketing funds for tough times ahead. What should business owners do?

Should we tuck our tails and run or should we get proactive and boost our marketing efforts like never before?

Here are a few suggestions to changing your marketing direction during a slower economic time.

1. Take a new direction. Use this as an opportunity to step up your marketing activities and add new prospects while your competitors are less active.

2. Get Tough. Plan more aggressive approaches to sales and marketing. Normally, most businesses market their products and services to meet the needs of the customers but during tough times, people are more inclined to decline luxury items. Make your product or service considered a necessity. You will need to solve a problem or make someone's job easier with your offerings.

3. Use economics to your advantage. Demonstrate your offerings to future prospects focusing on how your product or services will save them time or money.

4. Customer Service. Take this time to go the extra mile for all customers. Each and every customer that comes to you for products or services should feel they are top priority. Maintain your relationship with existing customers, who will still be there when the economy gets better.

5. Community involvement. Offer help within the community. Sponsor local activities such as baseball, soccer, cheer or donate to important causes. This is the time that communities should come together to help people and with company involvement, provide name recognition for your business.

Use creativity to meet the needs of your customers. Use marketing campaigns adapted to the current economics. Your marketing message from last year may not be as effective as a fresh message addressing the recent concerns. Be prepared to adapt to current times.

The end goal is: you want customers to buy what they need and you want them to have a reason to buy from you. Use this economic roller coaster to keep you up to speed with new and fruitful marketing campaigns.

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