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In this issue: Benefits of B2B newsletters

Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Benefits of B2B newsletters

Newsletters are an effective tool for businesses and provide company name recognition to prospects. Focus your newsletters on specific industries for new business development.


When marketing your newsletter, use email or a newsletter sending service for mass marketing. Newsletters are an in- expensive, cost effective, powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Here are a few benefits of a company newsletter:

  • Regular contact with prospects and customers  
  • Company name recognition
  • Consistent marketing
  • Promotion for products  and services
  • Introduction of new products and services

In order to make a newsletter work to your benefit, offer business solutions that are industry specific. Provide suggestions and tips for business that will help improve results and increase profits.

Newsletters can be used to stay in touch with current customers, prospects that might be in the market for a new product or service as well as provide education for businesses by suggesting helpful tips.


With Internet marketing on the rise, businesses should harness low-cost, low maintenance marketing means. Providing a b-weekly newsletter will provide prospects company updates and specials.


Rich Enterprises Inc has been providing marketing services for 14 years. We provide lead generation, appointment setting and market research. We would love to help with your next newsletter campaign!

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