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Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Calls per Hour Factors

In any telemarketing campaign, one key factor of success is the number of calls made per hour or number of dials. Our company tends to average 20-25 which is fairly standard for our industry.

Factors to be taken into consideration are location of companies to call (overseas calls or within the United States), overall size of the company and the ability to reach key decision makers.

Having the correct contact name when making sales calls, makes the cold call a little warmer and avoids lag time since we don't have to go through the gatekeeper to locate a decision maker.

Certain departments may be more accessible and might be more helpful in locating key contacts. For example, reaching the HR department is typically easier than talking with a contact in the IT department.

A large part of our job entails harvesting information acquired on every call. Multiple calls require multiple entries for the current history on the last conversation.

Most campaigns will yield call results of 15-25 per hour. Personally, I like the calls per hour to be in the range of 10-15 per hour since that indicates in-depth conversations with key targets. The longer conversations, the busier we are on the phone, the better results we will have.

High calls per hour usually indicate a warning that we are unable to reach contacts. Low calls per hour can mean we are unorganized and unsure our end goal or speaking with multiple people for the same end result.

All marketing programs are a numbers game. You have to make the calls in order to get a sale. Ultimately, a successful campaign is going to be one with quality and not quantity of appointments.

Is your team making the right number of calls? We have found that many sales teams don't like to cold call. Let us do the phone work for you!

Rich Enterprises Inc provides marketing programs that suit every business. Contact us to get started (888) 443-5247.

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