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Effective Usage of Marketing Collateral

This is article 1 of a 2 part series


Every business should have a collection of marketing communications pieces to represent their products and services. These pieces might include brochures, data sheets with an overview of your product or service features and white papers of a technical nature showing why your products or services are useful to your industry.  


Your marketing material should be effectively utilized as part of your organization's overall marketing strategy.

Proper Content You need to make sure you are using the proper content for your marketing collateral. Use materials that not only advertise your products and services, but also materials that will sell them.  


Use information that presents the benefits that you offer to your consumers and clearly define why you are different from your competitor. Your potential consumer has a need, so emphasize and reinforce their need for your product or service.  


Article 2 -Design elements of your marketing material.


Design elements of your marketing material


Decide on the type of marketing materials needed for your business and then create great pieces to promote your services.

Use pieces that are strong and best publicize your business and are eye appealing.


Design elements that are related to your logo and brand identity with text and color schemes that are clean, professional and easy to understand.   


Make sure the images and text capture your audience. Ensure that your collateral is not only easy to understand, but flows smoothly and rapidly without causing confusion.  


Everything that you create should be friendly, inviting and persuasive.  You need to not only catch the attention of your target audience, but also hold their attention long enough to present your products and services and win them over.


 Decide what collateral best represents your company and integrate them into all marketing efforts. If you need help with brochures and custom PDFs, Contact us for help (888) 443-5247. 

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