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In this issue: Developing Flexibility and Personal Style in Telemarketing

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Developing Flexibility and Personal Style in Telemarketing

How often does a telemarketer call you talking so fast he or she won't let you get a word in edgewise? What is your reaction? Most of us hang up because the caller sounds like a recording and we immediately label the caller as a telemarketer after our money.

If you call a prospect and you are using a scripted sales presentation without interactive flexibility and personal style, it just shows you have no interest in that person because you are not letting them interact. You are talking at them - not with them.

It is very important to use your own personal style and develop interactive flexibility when you are trying to sell any product or service. The most powerful tool in sales is to remember that the person asking the questions is the person in control.

You can lead the call any where you want to by using your own personal style to create a good first impression and by asking the right questions. It is important to get the conversation going with a question as early as possible to encourage immediate interaction.

My favorite approach to begin interactive conversation is to identify myself by first name and last name. If you have a title it is also good to let the caller know because it helps separate you from just any other telemarketer. Just as soon as I identify what company I am with, my first opening question is "Have you heard of us?"

This is a good approach because even if they have heard of you it is a good beginning to an interactive conversation. Continue the conversation by asking the question, "Have you had the opportunity to utilize our services?" If they are using another company begin asking questions about the service of the other company and how that may compare with the services your company offers presenting your company's advantages and solutions.

  • Be positive, confident and upbeat
  • Always give your first and last name
  • Give a title if you have one
  • Crucial get a question in early to encourage interaction
  • Create a personal style with interactive flexibility
  • Never just read a script
  • Speak slowing and clearly

Selling can be fun if you learn to be flexible and apply your own personal style. Personal style and interactive flexibility represents questions, questions and more questions. A prospect will be more likely to buy from you if you personalize the presentation to encourage interaction by asking the right questions to meet his needs.

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