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Handling Holiday Delays

Handling sales during holidays can be tough and is not always going to be business as usual. Unfortunately not everyone has the luxury to take the holidays off.

Some sales people need to find ways to generate some type of an income during this time of year-even if it is a reduced one. How can you handle the delays during this time of year? Here are some ideas:

  • Plan. Set up your calendar to reflect your holiday schedule as well as the holiday schedule of your contacts. Decide when it is best to reach out to contacts and be respectful of their mindset during this time of year. You might find clients are more customer service minded during this stressful time of year or more cheerful since holidays have a tendency to make people smile.
  • Prepare. Take time to prepare your sales budget and goals. What is your ideal sales goal? What goal would get you through the holiday without that famine status? Knowing where you need to be at the end of the month can prepare you for the first quarter sales results.
  • Advertise. This sounds like an odd time of year to get name recognition but remember those who provide your income. Take this time of year to send out pens, coffee mugs or magnetic business cards along with a holiday card. Let your contact know you are thinking of them during the holidays. You would be surprised how often we reach out to someone to hear "I was just thinking about you and was going to try and reach you tomorrow".

Careful planning during the holiday seasons can keep your sales motivation going and alleviate the ups and downs that come from not being able to reach contacts that can provide closed sales and most of all-your revenue.

Use your calendar wisely to reach out to contacts when they are available. If you call on Monday and find out they will only be in the office from 2-4 on Wednesday. Make notes of gathered information and be prepared to call back during that time. Sales can be stressful without the rollercoaster ride sometimes felt during the holiday season.

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