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In this issue - Incorporating your website into sales activities

Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Incorporating your website into sales campaigns.

Using your website to add to your contact list

Most businesses today have developed an on-line presence or website to boost their sales. If you have a website, you need to ensure that your website is utilized as an essential tool to increase leads and then ultimately your revenue:  


First-Determine the purpose of your marketing campaign. Are you using your site to encourage new leads or for brand awareness only? If your website is effective, it can increase conversions rates. Evaluate your website and determine how it can be utilized to convert visitors to leads. Consider how much information is available to site visitors and determine if new content should be added to increase conversion rates.


In addition, does your website harvest their email addresses for future marketing efforts? Email marketing costs just pennies per campaign compared to US postal service mailings costing well over a dollar per item. The benefits of email marketing range from increased sales and lead generation to stronger brand awareness and improved customer relationships.  


Second- Plan your strategies. Will your website be used to bring in leads or will your website be used as a tool for those leads to learn more about your offerings? Understanding your goals will help you formulate a strategic plan. Provide your website address to your prospects to increase their awareness of your offerings.  


Think long term. Long-term marketing strategies have higher tendencies to deliver long term results. Take the time to set long term, realistic plans for current and future marketing efforts.  


Next -Determine a budget. Put together a realistic budget for long-term success in sales and lead generation. Businesses that develop a budget and sales plan before they start a marketing campaign are more successful than those that are not prepared. Your online website and online marketing should be specific and detailed.  


Finally- prepare a website that will entice your visitor. Studies show you have approximately 6 seconds to convince a visitor to continue with your site. Your website can be a valuable tool to dissemination detail product information and increase demand for your offerings.  


In order to maximize effectiveness, your website should have these features:

  • Graphics-show satisfied clients using products or utilizing services.
  • Content-Information should fit in one frame-scroll free websites are user friendly.
  • Action phrases "Call now!" "Buy today!" "Contact us!"
  • Site designs in HTML.
  • Distribute the newsletter on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Have links to your web site, where contacts can explore your company further and buy your product or services. Watch sales soar as you build brand awareness and relationships with your niche market.

Use permission-based marketing. Send newsletters to customers requesting your newsletter. Give people a way to unsubscribe to your newsletter if desired. Email marketing with newsletters represents an affordable marketing solution to small businesses and can incorporate long-term sales leads into future business contacts.


Rich Enterprises Inc provides programs that are customized for every industry, organized to keep you busy during the down times and successful to help your business build that long term sales pipeline needed for continual growth.


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