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Motivating Your Sales Team

Sales people are generally competitive by nature and each person has something that drives them to be a success. As a sales team manager, we need to determine what motivates our sales team. What makes them tick?

Here are few quick tips:

1. Recognition. This is something that might seem old fashioned, but everyone likes to know they are doing a good job. Always make a point to recognize excellent performance. Announce their accomplishments in the company newsletter. Take a few minutes to send thank you cards, after all their performance is a reflection of your company.

2. Involvement in the company. Many sales people like to be involved in the ongoing sales progress of their company. Allow salespeople to provide their input on growth projections and how to get there. Including staff in company planning makes them feel as if they are part of the "company family" and can make a significant difference in the company environment.

3. Training. Offer ongoing training sessions. This can be a weekly team meeting, webinars with new sales tactics or lunch meetings that everyone can share tricks and tips of the trade. It can benefit the team greatly to remind them they are part of a team. Your team will stay motivated if they have the tools needed to do their job. This can be training, equipment, or moral support.

4. Incentives. The last tip for motivation would be incentives. You can give cash, gift certificates to special restaurants, gas cards or family events such as day passes to a local water parks for a job well done.

The best tip for motivation is getting to know your sales team, their family life, and the degree of professionalism. If you want your sales team to be successful in their jobs, you must make them feel they are an important part of your company.

Do you need help motivating your sales team? We can help by providing services that offset your sales teams responsibilities.

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