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Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Program manager role

When you begin a new program for a company, you will be working directly with a Program Manager. What exactly is a Program Manager and how does their role and responsibility interact with your program?


A Program manager is the person that handles the day to day activities for your account. They will oversee your program to ensure that activities are carried out in accordance with your specific specifications/ qualifications.  


Here are a few of the tasks that might fall under the job description for the program manager:  


1. Coordinates schedules of marketers. The program manager will be the person to set up scheduled time for staff members to work the account based on budgeted and allowed hours. They will ensure the hours are worked in accordance to time zone specifications for each program.


2. Coordinates departmental functions in order to minimize delays in account progress. This might include coordinating conference calls or webinars to further train staff as to the products and services of the company account they are working.  


3. Training-meets with team members on a regular basis to review daily and weekly results. Offers training and tips on how to boost production as well as assists with script changes and common objections to enhance program needs.  


4. Monitors reporting-reviews daily reporting and reports to head managers to ensure account is moving in a positive direction. The reporting for each account is reviewed on a daily basis, weekly planning and monthly reports. Reviewing daily reports assists with patterns and changes that need to be addressed immediately.  


5. Emails daily reports for accounts-The Program manager is the person you will receive daily reporting from. They are the go between for the staff and the owner of the company as well as upper management of the telemarketing/marketing firm.  


The program manager sends reporting to account owners. The daily reports would include the daily all calls report with a line item for each call made for every company on behalf of the company we are calling for. This also includes individual reports for leads and appointments generated on behalf of your account.


6. Program development and refinement-The Program manager essentially oversees all aspects of the program and continuously makes suggestions for improvement.  


A program manager is an individual that is creative, able to adjust to many different situations, and quick on their feet. They will have a positive, patient attitude about them and can act as a team member with many different hats.  


The Program managers are someone that has worked as a telemarketer and fully understands the day to day workings of a successful campaign.  The program manager might be an adviser to a team or team member. They will also ensure projects are completed on time and within budget as well as develop solutions to program problems.  


The success of a campaign fully depends on a qualified program manager to cement together all aspects of the program - from inception to success.  


At Rich Enterprises, all of our accounts have program managers to ensure a successful campaign. Let us help with your next program- Visit our website for more information: or (888)443-5247.

Success story-Sales Training Program

Rich Enterprises Inc is proud to announce our Sales Training Program. A strong sales team determines whether your business has the needed revenue to survive or sustain company growth.   


Here is a sample webinar outline: 


Industry: Consulting/IT


Training a team of 6 telemarketers


Webinar series of five-2 hour webinars


Topics covered

  • Introduction  - What is telemarketing, purpose, perceptions, expectations
  • Reaching decision makers - Using gatekeepers, navigation phone systems, presentation
  • Gathering and using intelligence - research and personnel directories
  • Scripting - presentation, customization, tools/tips/tactics
  • Objections and Related Rebuttals
  • Timing is everything - best times to call, handling follow-ups, secondary attempts
  • Quality versus quantity - How to have numbers while meeting qualifiers
  • Measuring success - calls per number, jading the numbers
  • Capstone session - Bringing all the factors together.


Results- introduction to the art of telemarketing and how to use telemarketing skills to be successful in sales.


Training will be developed around the experience level of your team and topics will be included or excluded to meet your specific training goals.


If you are seeking a training program, a sales consultant or just curious and would like to know more about Customized Training programs, contact us: Rich Enterprises Inc Training or (888)443-5247.

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