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Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Selecting Your Sales Team

Choosing your inside telemarketing team can be quite the challenge. What type of results are you looking to accomplish? Are you seeking someone to do the phone work and smooze your existing clients or are you just seeking closers?
Choosing the best sales team is the first step towards success. The people you choose will serve as representatives of your company.

First, assess your applicants. What types of candidates have turned in resumes to your company? Are you seeking sales people that are seasoned in a particular industry or are you seeking those that can adapt to just about any type of sales?

Next, develop a standard set of questions for applicants. Ask all candidates the same questions. Keep the questions simple and avoid asking questions that can be answered with one word answers.

Throw in a few conversational questions regarding sales skills and styles such as their favorite gatekeeper tricks or sales obstacles that they have overcome. Ask open ended questions to encourage dialogue. Give applicants a chance to "take the floor" allowing an opportunity for you to see them in action. If they can take over an interview, they are more likely to get past a tough gatekeeper and close a sale with a C level Executive.

Finally, don't give out too much information about your company. If the applicant is truly interested in you and your business, they should have done their homework. It is their responsibility to research your company and be prepared for the interview. Don't forget to ask why do you wish to work for us? What makes us different than any other companies? What questions do you have for me? The answers can be quite revealing.

Hiring sales reps for your company can be challenging. Sales reps not only need to bring forth sales skills but need to understand and adapt to your company and specific industry. Are you looking for a seasoned marketing team with all the answers? Outsource your marketing services to our experienced marketing specialists.

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