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Smiling and Dialing

When I start each day I realize that I have a clean slate, and I have to create something out of nothing. I know my attitude has a lot to do with the way I approach my work and will ultimately affect the number of leads or appointments generated.

I have to stay focused and know what I am trying to accomplish for the day. First, I set a daily goal, but it may change depending on my production.

If I get lots of prospects who keep saying no...I know that I am that much closer to a prospect who will say yes. I usually get fired up and I always remember the feeling I had when I was having a great day and try to apply that same feeling when it gets tough.

Staying Positive is not easy...But once you experience it you will see what I mean. You feel as though no one can say no to have rebuttals for everything.

Managing your sales pipeline by creating and updating notes is another way to stay positive while dialing. When you are having a rough day due to lack of results, make a note of this in your database giving yourself inside information for future call-backs.

These hints help you to get in the groove when you feel sluggish or are having a tough time getting started for the day....once you get a sale, your confidence seems to come out of no where and you begin to feel great. Here are some other factors to keeping a positive attitude:

Get fired up: Get excited and come up with different approaches.
Take breaks : Cleverly take short breaks to get a new perspective.
No TV or Radio: Watch these time consuming habits as there is a time and place for everything.
Dealing with Fear: We all deal with this issue, but put it in its proper place.
Wandering minds: Avoid getting bored. Remember an idle mind is a devil's workshop.

Always remember the Darkest hour is just before Dawn....Never give up because Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

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