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Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Tools for the sales trade

Every sales person wishes they had more hours in the day to complete necessary tasks. Time management tools are especially important for sales people who often find themselves performing many different jobs during the course of the day.


Using appropriate scheduling tools will help you increase your follow through and will result in stronger lead conversion rates.  


Daily Planners. The daily planner aids salespeople in planning their day with appointments, contact information-including email addresses and phone numbers as well as projects for the month. Planners are easily transported so you can be ready to make notes at a moment's notice.  


PDA (personal digital assistant). PDAs are hand held computers that can do everything from calculate to send and receive emails. They are a great portable tool for the busy on the go sales person that needs to stay in touch with clients and staff. They can also be integrated with software applications for better planning.  


Software.  Software programs can assist with strategic business planning, tasks, budgets, and performance goals. Software programs such as ACT, Goldmine and Salesforce are just a few of the brands that assist with contact management.  


They offer bells and whistles that have alarms to ring daily/monthly, offering day/monthly task calendars that keep you informed of day/monthly projects and meetings. But they are not easily transported so you may need to supplement with other tools to increase your effectiveness.  


Smartphones. Smart phones are the latest and greatest tool to stay informed and in close contact with sales prospects. Smartphones can integrate with CRM applications such as Goldmine, Salesforce, ACT and Application such as Google calendar. Smartphones can also assist with GPS and directions.


There are many useful tools to keep you informed and on schedule. Finding which tools work best for your business will be the key to ultimate success.  


Rich Enterprises uses ACT for our marketing efforts and provides customized marketing programs for appointment setting, lead generation and cold calling. Our programs consist of 10 to 100 hours of calling time per week.


Contact us to get your next marketing program started (888)443-5247.


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