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In this issue: Training Sales Reps.

Rich Enterprises, Inc provides marketing services to companies seeking new business growth. Our services help companies increase their sales pipeline with new prospects and long term customers.

Our services can include appointment setting, lead generation, and business development through cold calling telemarketing.

Training Sales Reps.

Training sales reps can be a difficult task. Some sales people are difficult to train and supervise. They may not be eager to be trained since they are "seasoned sales people" and know all there is to know about the sales business.

Even the most experienced sales reps need brushing up on sales techniques. Decide what kind of training is needed for your business and set up specific times and dates for mandatory attendance. Here are a few tips for setting up training within your organization:

Schedule regular training sessions. For example, decide that the first Tuesday of every month will be a 4 hour training session on the latest tips of the trade.

Pump it up! This should be a cheer session for all your sales people. Let your sales reps get involved with the training. Encourage staff to offer tips that have worked for them in the past to others that might be struggling or just need a new approach.

Provide updated information. Get the latest and the greatest news on your industry to provide for sales staff. Give them reasons as to why they need this information to be on top of their game.

Target specific segments. If you are promoting a new product, make this month's training session about segmentation.

Rewards. Don't forget, people in sales like to be recognized for their achievements. Acknowledge those that are top of the game or have been significant improvement by using techniques from a training session.

Questions. Ask staff to come to the training session with questions. What type of objections are they running into and how are they presently handling them? Encourage dialogue. Make it a working training session.

As you train your sales organization for success, remember your representatives are an extension of you, your company and your business. Select and hire the "best" the best available in the business.

Is your sales team lacking in the necessary skills to make your business a success? Or maybe they have the skills needed but are just overwhelmed with the work load?

Rich Enterprises Inc has a team of seasoned marketing professional that can relieve your team or be your marketing team! Contact us to get started (888) 443-5247 or check out our training page: Training overview.

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