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Types of Buyers

Identifying the three types of buyers can help companies prepare a marketing program that works for everyone.

Buyers base their decisions on different things - emotions, logical or financial. It is best to first identify what type of buyer you have and then cater your presentation to their decision style.

Emotional buyers make purchases because they feel good about it at that time. Ways to persuade such buyers would be a statement such as, "this product would work so well for you and your customers and ABC Company down the street is selling a lot of this product." Depending on what you are selling, the emotional buyers can be the easiest to work with and simply need a bit of persuasion to make the plunge.

Logical buyers consider more than just how they feel. They consider if a new purchase or service makes sense, they consider pricing and how to incorporate something new into their day to day operations.

Help your logical buyer make sense of their purchase. Ask questions such as "What keeps you awake at night? Or what is your pain point?" If price is a contributing factor for your logical buyer, offer purchase options including financing or incentives for buying today. Logical buyers tend to ask detailed questions and consider all factors before making a decision.

Financial buyers have a tendency to consider long term goals and the related financial impact. This type of buyer may or may not be an expert on the product or service, but they are going to "crunch the numbers" to make their decisions.

A financial buyers main concern is their return on the initial or ongoing investment. They consider all financial and numerical factors.

Each buyer type must be handled based upon their decision processes. Determine their buying style first and then continue with the appropriate presentation.

What kind of buyers do you have? Rich Enterprises provides custom marketing programs that focus on all buyer types.

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